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Express individual lashes by Kerry Sheree

Eyelash Extensions in Warrington

Have you longed for thicker and fuller eyelashes that will beautifully frame your eyes and boost your confidence at the same time?

Kerry Sheree who is based in Birchwood, Warrington can provide you with an Express eyelash extensions that will give you beautiful, thicker and fuller eyelashes

I had express lashes done by the lovely Kerry Sheree and I’m absolutely in love with them they look so natural and I can’t even feel them! They are by far the best I’ve had done, thank you ❤️💜

Lyndsay from Warrington – 19th Feb 2017

Individual Lash Extensions

To provide you with beautiful eyelashes that will make your eyes stand out, Kerry Sheree uses individual lashes to extend the length, which are placed in between your own lashes that will provide you with eyes that are strikingly noticeable.  You also have the option of deciding if you would like either half or a full set of individual eyelash extensions.  

Express Lashes Pricing

  • £25.00

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Eyelash Care and Maintenance

With good care and maintenance, your eyelash extensions can last 2 to 3 weeks, but with regular refills, they will last longer.  Follow these simple steps to maintain and care for your lashes.

Individual Lashes – The First 24 Hours

  • Keep them dry and avoid water
  • Don’t use a shower or a steam room, sauna and avoid steam when cooking
  • Tie your hair back, because you don’t want anything catching onto the individual lash extensions that could pull on them
  • Most of all, it’s important that you don’t touch them!
  • Avoid any situation that makes your eyes water as you must keep them dry
  • Don’t use mascara
  • Don’t use anything oil based on your lashes

Eyelash Extensions – Daily Care

  • Never rub your eyes or touch your lashes as this could loosen individual lashes
  • Never use mascara as it will break down the glue.  Your lashes don’t need mascara as they will look beautiful without out it
  • No mechanical lash curling
  • When removing additional eye make-up, always use a water based make-up remover as oil based will weaken the glue.  Use a cotton bud to clean your lash line
  • Use a micro-fibre brush to gently brush your lashes if a lash twists
  • You can shower, but avoid water splashing directly onto your lashes as this could loosen them.  It is also recommended that you gently brush your eyes lashes with a micro-fibre wand every three days after a shower
  • Take care when performing activities that will put force onto your lashes such as swimming for example.  Ensure you wear goggles

Removing Eyelash Extensions

It’s very important that you DON’T pull your eyelash extensions out.  Doing so may pull out your real eye lash and cause some pain.  

Please contact Kerry to have them removed for you.


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