On the 12th March, me and my band members visited Parr Street Studios in Liverpool to record my latest song, Eptir.

We met the producer, Alex Quinn and it was a running joke that he looked like Ed Sheeran! He helped bring my music to life. It’s hard to put across all of the sounds and ideas I have in my head whilst performing live, but Alex knew exactly what was needed and we went straight to work. 

kerry sheree

Thumbs up at Parr Street Studios

Of course, hearing my song piece nicely together, I had more ideas, one being of a chant. I ad-libbed over my track and had

Kerry Sheree at Parr Street Studios

Kerry Sheree at Parr Street Studios

our drummer, Tony, sing an octave lower than me.

I am absolutely over the moon with my recording, I’m proud to have top quality musicians Diz – Guitarist, Oto – Bass and Tony – percussion, to be performing along side with me, featuring on my tracks and supporting my musical growth.

Alex has done a stunning job, thank you.


after, behind; for, to obtain; along; according to; after the death of; in succession to; in memory of; eptir landinu – along the coast; after somebody; þar eptir – after it; afterwards; behind; back; vera eptir – remain behind; honum varð eptir – he left behind

This moody song that I like to classify as Dark Pop, was written earlier on this year, inspired by a couple of traumatic events last year. There were many occasions I felt suicidal and utterly defeated. This song is about a battle and strength, a battle against everything that once made me feel weak.

Diz at Parr Street Studios

Diz at Parr Street Studios

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  1. Great website! And gorgeous song

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